The internet made it possible for all car manufacturers to advertise their cars in full detail and also the prices. To buy cars online, you have to study these details and make a comparison of car prices of different makes and models. Before you buy cars online, you can make your preliminary selection and then take a final decision after a physical examination if you need. To further simplify the purchase of cars, you can also buy cars online through net banking.

Many facts about cars other than the buying process are also available online. The option to buy online vehicle policy for car insurance is one such factor. Insurance companies have websites through which they make the customers aware about the various covers and the premiums available for personal motor insurance.

Car insurance, based on IDV is governed by the Motor Vehicle Act. Under this act, all car owners should have the minimum requirement of a Third Party insurance policy if they want to drive their cars on public roads. This provision is mandatory under the act and it is meant to protect the life and property of a third party. The other part of car insurance is the comprehensive part for protection of the car, its driver and sometimes passengers in the car.

You can get online car insurance details about the covers and rates of premium for the comprehensive insurance and make your choice. You may also check out car insurance no claims bonus that may be offered by a few insurance companies. With the increase in level of competition in the insurance sector every company aims to achieve maximum popularity and provide satisfactory services to their customers.